Canoe or Stand Up Paddle board for a cleaner Utrecht.

Did you know that in Utrecht every year between 1000 and 2000 kilos of plastic waste is fished out of the water? Despite this mega catch, too much waste still flows through our canals to the sea.


With The Adventure Guide 030 we challenge you to do something about this in a fun and active way. While you sail around Utrecht in a canoe or SUP, you fish the litter from the water with a waste spike.


Every package that you remove from the water does not end up in the sea. In this way, together we reduce the contribution to the Plastic Soup.


Will you help? Send a message and reserve your spot now.


Varen in Utrecht

Alle beetjes helpen, er ligt nog genoeg

Good to know

Food and drink

Various catering establishments on the water offer delicious snacks and drinks to take with you. #supportyourlocals


- Delicious Spanish tapas at Bar Bellota, mooring place at the Biltstraat

- Coffee and lunch at Het Muzieklokaal possibility to moor at the Weerdsluis


  • For the small waste fisherman there are life jackets available, accessible only under the supervision of an adult.

  • Canoes are available for children who are not going on holiday this summer through the Youth Fund Sport & Cultuur Utrecht .

House rules

  • In connection with the Covid-19 outbreak, health questions will be asked when booking, if you have complaints, you cannot participate in the activity in accordance with the RIVM measures. We adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM.

  • Before boarding you will receive clear instructions on how to handle the vessel.

  • Do not take valuables with you on the vessel, it remains a water sport.

  • Settlement of the costs takes place afterwards. (Cash only or Tikkie)

  • Smoking is not allowed.

Close to you

Do you want to fish waste in your area? You can, grab a skewer and walk along the ditch you will find enough litter.

Do you also want to sail in the hammock raft or with a SUP? Available by appointment throughout the Netherlands, please contact us for a quote.

The hammock raft is also available for company outings and children's parties.

Reservations via WhatsApp: 0636179240

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